Underfloor heating






A Maintenance free Heating Solution…

The Warmup range of Undercarpet Heaters are specifically designed, manufactured and warranted for use beneath fitted wall to wall carpets. There are however options for using them beneath loose mats and rugs.

The underfloor heating evenly distributes the warmth throughout the flooring and up into the area of the space itself as opposed to typical heaters that only warm up a particular area at a time. This specific technique of heating results in a faster and more effective way of heating a room.

The methodology used, directs the heat where it’s most wanted, leaves the air slightly cooler, is silent, odour-free and will not dry out the air or aggravate allergies. In addition, because this heating solution becomes part of the floor, there are no hot moving parts leaving you to enjoy a maintenance-free heating system and an uncluttered home!