The Picture Perfect Solution


Artificial grass is the picture-perfect solution to a good looking and easy to maintain lawn all year round. There is no need for pesticides, fertilizers, mowing or watering. In addition, it is installed fairly quickly. It is a perfect addition to any backyard, courtyard, recreational installation or sport centre. Artificial grass is a solution to implement in areas that have little to no soil for real vegetation or to use on occasion on permanently hard surfaces. Easy removal for renovations or reapplication in another area.
Artificial grass is low maintenance, pet and child friendly as to not expose them to harmful chemicals and maintains its lush green pigment through all seasons.

There are two methods of applying artificial grass

  • Install directly onto a smooth, (preferably) slightly slanted cement surface
  • Install over your existing lawn space. Adequate preparation of the area will have to be done in advance.

It is important that you consider installing a waterproof border when planning to install your artificial turf. Consider metal or cobblestone edging to prevent your turf from sagging or separating. Ensure that the border isn’t higher than the grass level as it may prevent the turf from adequate drainage. Alternatively, pour concrete around the area of the turf for a lasting result. It is also highly recommended that the area be treated with a geotextile barrier/weed barrier to avoid weeds or vegetation from growing up through your turf.